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Seizure Action Plan

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If Generalized Seizure Occurs:
1. Call 911. Contact Center Manager or Ms. Daniels, the child’s parent.
2. If falling, assist child to floor, turn to side.
3. Loosen clothing at neck and waist; protect head from injury.
4. Clear away furniture and other objects from area.
5. Have another classroom adult direct children away from area.
6. Time The Seizure.
7. Allow seizure to run its course; DO NOT restrain or insert anything into the child’s mouth. Do not try to stop purposeless behavior.
8. During a general or grand mal seizure expect to see pale or bluish discoloration of the skin or lips. Expect to hear noisy breathing.

If Smaller Seizure Occurs(e.g., lip smacking, behavior outburst, staring, twitching of mouth or hands)
1. Call 911. Contact Ms. Daniels or Nurse Hatchett, the child’s parent and 911
2. If falling, assist child to floor, turn to side.
3. Assist child to comfortable, sitting position.
4. Time the seizure.
5. Stay with child, speak gently, and help student get back on task following seizure.

If Child Exhibits:
1. Absence of breathing or pulse CALL911.
2. Seizure of 10 minutes or greater duration.
3. Two or more consecutive (without a period of consciousness between) seizures which total 10 minutes or greater.
4. Continued unusually pale or bluish skin or lips or noisy breathing after the seizure has stopped.

1. Call 911, the parent, Ms. Daniels or Nurse Hatchett
2. START CPR for absent breathing or pulse.

When Seizure Completed:
1. Reorient and assure child.
a. Assist change into clean clothing if necessary.
b. Allow child to sleep, as desired, after seizure.
c. Allow child to eat, as desired, once fully alert and oriented.
2. A child recovering from a generalized seizure may manifest abnormal behavior such as incoherent speech, extreme restlessness, and confusion. This may last from five minutes to hours.
3. Inform parent immediately of seizure via telephone conversation if:
a. Seizure is different from usual type or frequency or has not occurred at school in past month.
b. Child has not returned to "normal self" after 30-60 minutes.
4. Record seizure on Seizure Activity Log.

Emergency Bus Plan
Driver/attendant Information Sheet
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Special Equipment Or Medical Needs On Bus

I want this plan implemented for my child, , at Beaufort Jasper EOC Head Start. Medication will be furnished by parent/guardian in a container properly labeled by a pharmacist and in the original container. All medications must have child's name, medication dispensed, dose prescribed and time it is to be given. I hereby give my permission for my child to receive medication during school hours. This medication has been prescribed by a licensed physician. I hereby release Beaufort Jasper EOC Head Start and their staff from all liability that may result from my child taking the prescribed medication. I give permission for the Beaufort Jasper Head Start Staff to communicate with the Medical Provider concerning diagnosed medical condition related to above prescribed medication.
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