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Family Communication Plan

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Technology Access
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Family Support
1. Who will be caring for your child during the day?   
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2. Will your child have supporting people to assist with daily activities?
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Parent Schedule
1. When is the best time to check in with you and your child during the week by phone or virtual meeting:(check all that apply)?
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2. What is the best time of the week to have a Classroom Connections Meeting or Short Parent Workshop?
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Child Resources
1. How do you prefer to receive the child learning activities?   
2. Which meal service option do you prefer for your child?   

Parent Interest
1. I would be interested in the following short parent workshops (check all that apply):

2. Would you be interested in holding an office on the Parent Committee at your child’s school to help plan activities for children and families?

3. What position would you be interested in?    

4. Would you be interested in joining the Parent Policy Council? You will be in a group with other parents who make important decisions about the Head Start Program?

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