Beaufort Jasper EOC Head Start

Transportation Permission Agreement

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I give Beaufort-Jasper EOC Head Start permission to transport my child to the Center, to the Responsible Receiver, home, on field trips, and any other away from the center activities/services.

I will be at the bus stop to put my child on the bus in the morning and to receive him/her from the bus in the afternoon. I understand I am responsible for giving a written and signed notice to the bus driver prior to changing the following:

  • Responsible Receiver(s)
  • Pick-up/Drop-off point
  • Updates to Parent/Guardian contact information

I understand the responsible receiver must be an adult, have picture identification and know the family password/code. I agree to attend Safety Education Training session for parents within the first thirty days of school.

Pedestrian Safety
Bus Evacuation
Bus Safety

A Head Start Representative has explained to me the following penalties for not being at home or at the bus stop to receive my child:

1st Offense
A parent conference will be scheduled.
2nd Offense
A multi-team conference will be scheduled.(Family Service Department and Transportation Specialist) .
3rd Offense
The Sheriff or Police Department will be called to Pickā€“up your child from the Central Office. A child abuse and neglect report will be submitted to the Child Protective Services at the Department of Social Services.
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